In the collection there are two different sizes of handmade wooden salt mills and pepper grinders, 6″ and 8″, which are often bought as sets. They are practical, beautiful and will adorn any table. It just depends on your own taste as to which size you would prefer to have on your kitchen table. It is a personal decision. It’s about how it feels in your hand – an important decision as you will be using it everyday. We hope so anyway!

The wooden salt mill and pepper grinder set are lovely to give as a wonderful wedding present or gift, especially if the bride or groom hails from Ireland or has Irish roots.

To differentiate between the wooden salt mill and pepper grinder, when sold as a set, Matt hand carves a small design, often a circle, into the top of one of the mills or grinders, which can identify either salt or pepper. The timber is kiln dried Irish hardwood, often ash, beech or sycamore. The wooden salt mills and pepper grinders are handmade in pairs, cut from the same piece of wood so that the grain patterns will complement each other.

Grinding mechanism
Matt has done extensive research to make sure that he only uses a top quality grinding mechanism in his salt mills and pepper grinders, which will work well time and time again. He uses the Crushgrind ceramic mechanism made in Denmark. These mechanisms are truly amazing and the manufacturer offers a 25 year guarantee on the ceramic parts. Perfect for salt and pepper, the grinders will also crush herbs, spices and even coffee beans. To fill your salt mill and pepper grinder simply lift the top off, fill and replace. The coarseness of the grind can be altered by a simple twist of a knob on the bottom. These wooden salt mills and pepper grinders are simply a joy to use.