Wooden bowl care – a few simple steps to keep them looking great

All the handmade wooden pieces are finished with an oil/wax blend which is food safe. This finish will withstand the day to day knocks and scrapes of a functional item that is used. If your item should begin to look a little dry or dull please follow the method that is recommended below. This will give your wooden piece a new lease of life.

Gently rub down the surface with fine wire wool, or lightly sand, moving with the grain wherever possible. With a clean small paintbrush liberally apply any food safe oil, such as pre oxidised linseed oil, danish oil or mineral oil.  These should be available from your local hardware store. If in doubt just ask for a food safe wood oil. Allow to stand for a few minutes. This will give the wood time to soak up the oil and then you simply wipe off the excess with a clean cloth or kitchen towel and allow to dry. It is simple but important to maintain the look and feel of your unique wooden piece.

Never place your wooden item in the dishwasher. To clean after use, where necessary, simply wipe down with a warm wet cloth.
If you have any questions please get in touch.