Designing and creating beautifully formed yet functional wooden items is a lifetimes work that has taken me on a long and interesting path. My inspirations are borne out of this journey. I hope you will enjoy my work, use my wooden giftware and tableware products and uncover unique gift ideas to share with your family and friends.

Like many wood turners I started woodturning as a hobby to meet a growing need for a new challenge. Spending time outdoors and being immersed in the natural world is the lifeblood of my work. It’s what drew me to wood, the material I now design and lovingly create with.

I believe strongly that a maker should express in his work how he thinks and feels about the world and society. The object isn’t just an object but an embodiment of a series of values and beliefs. I care about the environment. I respect and appreciate quality. I reject mass produced clothing, food and products. As a consumer I try and make choices that benefit the environment and society. Fair trade, organic, ethically produced food, clothing and products. I hope my work exists in this space and that my customers share these values. I hope to make objects that I would like to buy.