This is Matt talking about his design approach.

“Designing and creating beautifully formed yet functional wooden items is a lifetimes work that has taken me on a long and interesting path. My inspirations are borne out of this journey. I hope you will enjoy my work, use my wooden giftware and tableware products and uncover unique gift ideas to share with your family and friends”.

Matt’s influences and inspirations are far reaching. As a creative soul he spent many years painting and working with a blank canvas. His artistic influences include the great Dutch masters such as Vermeer. Studying and immersing himself in their art world has helped shaped Matt’s artistic and creative position. It’s the paring down of the object to its most functional form to allow everyday use while at the same time offering uniqueness and beauty.

Music inspires Matt, his creative journey took a musical turn. He has been a professional touring musician for many years and has travelled all over the world, absorbing all that global travel offers; tastes, smells, colours, textures. This experience is brought to his work.

Mother nature
Like many wood turners Matt started woodturning as a hobby to meet his growing artistic need which was seeking a new fresh outlet. Spending time outdoors and being part of the natural world is the lifeblood of Matt’s work. It’s what drew him to wood, the material he now designs and lovingly creates with.

Matt’s ethos
“I believe strongly that a maker should express in his work how he thinks and feels about the world and society. The object isn’t just an object but an embodiment of a series of values and beliefs. I care about the environment. I respect and appreciate quality. I reject mass produced clothing, food and products. As a consumer I try and make choices that benefit the environment and society. Fair trade, organic, ethically produced food, clothing and products. I hope my work exists in this space and that my customers share these values. I hope to make objects that I would like to buy”.